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John Oliver's Deep Dive Into Trump Impeachment: "Stupid Watergate"

After another week of insane of White House scandals, John Oliver on Last Week Tonight was trying to make sense of what he called, "Stupid Watergate." He had a few questions including, "What the f*** is going on? How big a deal is this? Where do we go from here? And is this real life?"

Oliver wasn't the only one feeling reactionary. Anderson Cooper basically lost it during his interview with Jeffrey Lord saying to him, "If [Trump] took a dump on his desk, you would defend it."

A Hard Week Last Week (Tonight)

Monday kicked off with revelations that President Trump may have inadvertently revealed codeword information, one of the highest levels of classification,to Russian officials. But that scandal got Trumped by Tuesday's news that FBI director James Comey wrote a memo saying that Trump asked him to shut down investigating national security advisor, Michael Flynn.

The "W" Word

And between those two scandals, it was enough for the first of two Republican representatives to suggest Trump's actions might merit impeachment, while John McCain said it was of "Watergate size and scale."