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Julia Roberts Eats Goat Brains for a Good Cause on 'Running Wild With Bear Grylls'

Julia Roberts was Running Wild With Bear Grylls for a special Red Nose Day episode, where she delivered vaccines to children in Africa. Although, the children were in remote locations, so Julia had to catch a ride on a plane with some chickens, take a bumpy ride through the desert where she had to help fix a flat tire, and then the most daunting task of all, cross a terrifying rope bridge over crocodile-infested waters.

Of course, it wouldn't be an adventure with Bear Grylls without some questionable dining. Julia had to pray before eating goat brains, which she did not love. After a long day of traveling, it was time to get some sleep. Although, it was a little difficult when Julia realized she was Sleeping With the Enemy... baboons. Julia asked Bear, "What if they came running through here, and they didn't see us?" Bear answered Julia by saying, "Well, then we're in a whole world of pain. Sleep well."

The wild journey was worth it in the end, when they delivered vaccines to the kids who desperately needed them. As she was giving kids the vaccines, Julia said, "The diseases that these children are grappling with, that they lose their lives from, are all preventable diseases. Let's make a difference. Let's change the world together. Let's give these children a chance that they would never have without these vaccines."