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Julie Chen reiterates support of husband Les Moonves on "The Talk"

On a live broadcast of the CBS show "The Talk," co-host Julie Chen began the show by once again supporting her husband, CBS CEO Les Moonves. She said, "Now some of you may be aware of what's been going on in my life for the last few days. I issued the one and only statement I'll ever make on this topic on Twitter and I will stand by that statement today, tomorrow, forever."

On Friday, a New Yorker article revealed numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against Moonves. He issued a statement saying, in part, "I recognize that there were times decades ago when I may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances. Those were mistakes, and I regret them immensely. But I always understood and respected—and abided by the principle—that ‘no’ means ‘no,’ and I have never misused my position to harm or hinder anyone’s career."

CBS is conducting an investigation into these allegations. And on Monday, CBS announced that Moonves would remain as CEO, even as those allegations are investigated by an outside council.