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K-Swiss and Girl Scouts team up on a 'sweet' sneaker collaboration

veryone has their favorite Girl Scout cookie; now you can have your favorite Girl Scout cookie sneaker. Girl Scouts and K-Swiss teamed up for a new sneaker collaboration to honor the Scouts' heritage — and their iconic Thin Mints, Coconut Caramel, and Trefoils cookies.

Video Transcript


- All right. If I said to you, Girl Scout cookies like the peanut butter patties or the Tagalogs, or the caramel delites, the Samoa's-- my favorites, you'd think cookies, right? Think again. How about shoes? Reggie Wade has more on this with us. To explain what is going on in a very important partnership, which tastes great and you can wear them.

REGGIE WADE: That's right, Adam. Everyone has their favorite Girl Scout cookie and now you can have your favorite Girl Scout cookie sneaker. Check these out. K-Swiss has partnered with the Girl Scouts to make a K-Swiss Court 66 sneaker inspired by everyone's favorite Girl Scout cookies.

So we have three flavors right here. Here all the caramel delites. We see them, they're actually fashioned to look like the cookie box. So you open them and you get that silver foil and then you break these out and look at this. Look at this.

They look good enough to eat. Have this, have a swayed upper and this is really some premium material. Sometimes on these collabs, you don't see the material so premium. But these are actually a good look. They are $70 in girl sizes and $75 in women. So we have these.

We also have for you thin mint fans, right here, green, St. Patrick's Day coming up. So this can probably be a big seller. Have them here. These are a little bit shorter suede then we have the caramel delites.

But these are another good thing with spring coming up. And they also have ortho-lite right here in the sole. So they look to be very comfortable. They are a little small for my size. So I can try them on.

And then finally, we have the shortbread cookies right here. Comes in this beautiful blue box. And we open them up and here.

I think this is the most casual of the bunch, but again, it has the Girl Scout branding. And this is a really cool collaboration. When you think of Girl Scouts, you don't necessarily think sneakers. So I think this is really fun that K-Swiss has come out with this line.

- Yeah, Reggie. I certainly didn't think of sneakers when I thought of Girl Scout cookies first, but it's a limited edition and I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to want to get their hands on some of these styles here. How much is K-Swiss hoping to sell or how much have they planned to produce of these different styled sneakers?

REGGIE WADE: Well, I spoke with K-Swiss. They said this is very limited edition and that's par for the course when you get to collaborations like these. K-Swiss has done many of them over the years.

So they come out March 4. So you really have to go on FootLocker.com, or the Girl Scouts, or K-Swiss website to grab these. So they might be a quick seller due to that limited quantity.

- How do deals like this, Reggie, you know, how do they approach one another? Did the Girl Scouts go to K-Swiss? Did K-Swiss go to the Girl Scouts? And by the way, I think there's some men out there, given the fact that I've got at least an inch or two on my waistline thanks to Girl Scout cookies, I'd wear the shoes. Can we get a male version of those shoes?

REGGIE WADE: Adam, that's what I'm saying. I would rock these too. But you know what, in the sneaker game unfortunately, the ladies don't get as much product as the men. So it's good from time to time when they have a women's exclusive. But, you know, I don't know about the intimate details about this relationship, but usually it's the brand.

They see-- K-Swiss will see something that they like, like the Girl Scouts. So they say, you know, how about we do something fun? K-Swiss also did a collaboration two years ago with the Ghostbusters.

We actually unboxed this live back in the studio. And they also did a collaboration with Gary Vaynerchuk. So K-Swiss likes to go out to these fun and interesting people and they say, hey, let's make a shoe.

- Well, Reg, a number of retailers, it's not just K-Swiss, go out, they team up with organizations, they team up with athletes, they team up with celebrities to come out with these limited edition lines. How well does it usually resonate with the consumer?

REGGIE WADE: Since they're limited quantity, they resonate very well. And that's part of the cachet of it. It's that, oh, it's limited quantity. People want to go out and buy it. So I think that's kind of by design.

These aren't made in mass quantities. So it'll be interesting to see if they made a general release in one of these, how would those sales numbers? But it looks like they really match up the quantity for the amount of hype that they want to drive.

- All right. Reggie Wade, we appreciate your giving us the lowdown on those shoes and maybe we can fit a size 13 guy into one of the larger women sizes there. I don't know.