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Kanye West is reportedly working on a ‘Donda’ car concept

Yahoo Finance's Pras Subramanian joins the Live show to discuss Kanye West's 'Donda' concept car.

Video Transcript

- Plans expected versus the halts, at least temporarily. That's going to be interesting to see in this quarter and going forward from here, as you mentioned. But we got to talk about this, Kanye West also working on a concept car. What is it, what does it look like for the artist popularly known for everything from late registration to Donda?

- Yeah. Donda, right? So there's Donda, his industrial design company yesterday announced that they were going to sign Steven Smith, a noted sneaker designer to their company as the actual head of design. And one of the products they highlighted in this release was the Donda foam vehicle here. You can see conceptualized, designed, manufactured in the US, Amen, right?

So Kanye, a noted car guy, a noted design head, right? This car looks like kind of a cross of a Batmobile and like some sort of ATV. And I got to say, Kanye's got a big fan base. Could he get this car made? He's friends with Elon. Elon Musk and Kanye are close friends. Speculation that Tesla could make this for him, very, very loose speculation. So we could see that cross collab there, Tesla, Elon, Donda Phone vehicle, here we go.

- Well, everything has to be looked through the prism of Tesla when you're covering EV, Pras. And should Tesla be worried that Kanye West might eventually come out with an electric car? Even if they are making it, you would have to imagine that would suck sales out of Tesla.

- You know, you're seeing a lot of strange collabs, right Sozz? With Honda and Sony and Foxconn working with, I believe, Fisker. So I'm not surprised that if you see Donda kind of a design house working with Tesla, who can actually make these vehicles happen into fruition. It's not surprising. Now, the car doesn't look like it's the most utilitarian in nature, it kind of looks like this strange sort of dune buggy thing. But if anyone can do it, Kanye can do it, he's got a lot of fans out there. Why not?

- If Travis Scott can have a McDonald's menu item, why can't Kanye West have a Tesla of his own?

- Yeah. And I want to see Sozz with the Kanye Donda Mobile with the gap branding there, right? So all of it all comes together for us here.

- Happy to help. Pras, did you pre-order one of these yet?

- Not yet. Not yet.

- OK, let us know when you do. Yahoo Finance out Senior Auto Correspondent, Pras Subramanian, good to see you.