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Kellyanne Conway roasted on Twitter for saying Comey help Trump with the election

Following James Comey’s first sit down interview with ABC News last night, the White House went on the defense, trying to combat damaging statements made by the former FBI director.

Kellyanne Conway appeared on Good Morning America for a 5 minute interview, but one thing stuck out: Conway said Come “swung” the 2016 presidential election.

President Trump’s counselor didn’t elaborate, but seems to be referring to October 28th 2016 when just 11 days before the presidential election, Comey sent a letter to congress saying he was looking into Hillary Clinton’s personal email server again.

Many have long suspected that this act tipped the scales in Trump’s favor, even Clinton herself who told CNN last year saying, “if the election had been on Oct. 27th, I’d be your president.”

The speculation, however, has never come from the White House, until today. And boy did Twitter let Conway have it for basically saying, Trump should have never won the 2016 election.

Conway quickly took to Twitter saying the statement was sarcastic. He swung and missed, she wrote. I was putting to bed that he was even capable of such a thing. Add sarcasm and stir.