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KFC brings back fried chicken-scented firelog, Oreo teams up with Barefoot for red wine

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Yahoo Finance's Alexandra Canal shows off the KFC fried chicken-scented firelog, taste tests Oreo Thin's new collaboration with Barefoot Wine.

Video Transcript


- Welcome back. The holiday season is in full swing. And with that comes the annual wave of festive foods. We have Yahoo Finance's Alexandra Canal joining us now for a breakdown of some of the latest plus a taste test. And I know a couple of the offerings that you have your eye on are KFC's 11 herbs and spices Firelog and separately, a new red-wine blend between Oreo Thins and Barefoot wines. What are the details there?

ALEXANDRA CANAL: That's right, Emily. So I'm going to do a taste test and a smell test, if you want to call it that. I'm involving all of the senses here. We have this Barefoot Oreo red-wine collaboration. But I'm first going to give you guys a look at this KFC Firelog. For the past four years KFC has rolled this out. Now, unfortunately, I'm in a tiny New York City apartment.

So I do not have a real live fireplace. But look at this guy. It is huge. I didn't know what a fire-- I didn't think it would look like this. But I got to say this has been open in my apartment for about an hour now. And the aroma is there. It smells a little spicy. What I can appreciate from this is that on the packaging it literally says-- oh, yeah, it says right here, it's not actually fried chicken.


ALEXANDRA CANAL: So I don't know if people-- I don't know if people tried to eat this before. But I love the fact that there's a little disclaimer there. They do say if you put this in your house, it will make your entire home smell like fried chicken. It's available on Walmart.com for $15.88. And what they're doing differently this year is that you can also scan a QR code on your purchase. And you have the opportunity to win a getaway to Kentucky.

You can stay in this beautiful Firelog Cabin-- you're seeing it on your screen now-- for up to eight people. And on top of that, you get a personalized dinner with the head chef of KFC, Chef Chris Scott. So that's one opportunity. But we all know KFC. They roll out these wacky, innovative marketing schemes. They've been doing a lot of stuff recently to really meet the consumer where they are and really just stand out in this fast-food wars.

- Does it come in extra crispy?

ALEXANDRA CANAL: You know what? This one doesn't. But remember, Adam, when I tried the Arby's Vodka, they had curly cut, and crinkle cut, and curly fry. So, you know, you kind of have to have the options there. This is just one option. But I would not be surprised, in the future, if they rolled out some other types of flavors for this Firelog. Because it is so popular every year.

- Absolutely. They did bring it back. Go ahead, Adam.

- No, no, no, no, you go ahead, Emily.

- Well, I was going to say I'm dying to see your taste test of the new red-wine blend that's between Oreo Thins and Barefoot wine-- definitely curious to see how that tastes, of course, now, since that one is an edible product that we can actually show here.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: And I'm just-- I'm just smelling it now. And, honestly, it smells like an Oreo. It smells very sweet. It smells like I'm getting donut vibes, donut flavors. But what they said is that this does have notes of chocolate, of black cherry, blackberry. So they're really trying to lean into the fact that red wine pairs great with chocolate. Yeah, I know. I don't know how I'm going to feel about this. I don't know if I want my red wine this sweet. But let's-- let's give it the old taste test.

- Hopefully, it'll taste more like the grapes than the feet.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Exactly. Salut! Ooh.


ALEXANDRA CANAL: Ooh. You know, it is too sweet of a finish for me. When I first tasted it, I'm like, OK. You know what? Not bad. And then-- and then it got to the back of my throat. And it was just way too sweet. I mean, Barefoot, their price point is nice. I mean for $24.99, you can get two bottles of this plus a pack of Oreo Thins, which I have here. Maybe the point is to eat this with your dessert. And maybe it makes it taste better. I know there's a whole science behind wine and food. So that's one thing.

I don't know if I would go ahead and purchase this specific bottle. But if you're curious, and you want to try it, why not? We've seen a lot of brands really leaning on, you know, different types of innovative ways to put their spins on alcoholic drinks. I already mentioned the Arby's Vodka. We also had Grey Poupon white wine, which, to this day, is still my favorite And all of these little gimmicks, they kind of drive traffic to the core product. So maybe a consumer will buy this, because they're curious.

And then they discover that they're actually obsessed with these Oreo Thins, and they go back later on and buy these Oreo Thins. So you know what? You can always expect something like this over the holidays. But for now, I'm going to put this Firelog on in my parents' house. Because I don't have a-- I don't have a firelog-- a fireplace on my own. And we'll see what they think and sip on this Oreo Thin red wine. You know, it's not Christmas until they have something like this going on.

- Absolutely. Yahoo Finance's Alexandra Canal. I think I'll take your word for it on the flavor of that red-wine blend. But thank you so much for that breakdown and that taste test.