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Kim Kardashian slams Caitlyn Jenner as ‘liar’ for comments about late father Robert

On Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim was fed up with Caitlyn Jenner and her book The Secrets of My Life, in particular what Jenner had written about her late father, Robert Kardashian. Reading from her phone she said, “It says, ‘In Caitlyn's book, Robert Kardashian knew O.J. Simpson was guilty but joined the defense team to get back at his remarried ex.’” With Kourtney and Khloe incredulous, Kim continued, “Robert told Caitlyn in secret after the O.J. murder trial that he believed his friend was guilty.”

With the O.J. Simpson trial placing a great deal of strain on the Kardashian family at the time, Caitlyn Jenner’s words were particularly upsetting. “It's just wild. My dad so believed in him,” she said.

Although Kim had been given a copy of a book before it was published, there might have been some minor changes saying, “Clearly, she gave me a different book with everything edited out that she didn't want us to see.”

Though things have been fairly civil between Caitlyn and Kim, this might have been the last straw. “I have always had Caitlyn's back, but she is a liar. She is not a good person,” she said. She went on to say, “If you talk about my dad, like, I will cut you.”