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Kim Kardashian's visit with Donald Trump gives Trevor Noah hope

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah discussed Kim Kardashian's recent trip to the White House. Kardashian visited with President Trump to discuss prison reform as well as the pardoning of 62-year-old drug offender Alice Marie Johnson.

Noah pointed out that the meeting made sense. He said They have so much in common: both are reality stars, big on social media, Kanye loves both of them, and they believe in employing everyone in their family no matter how useless they are."

Noah also hoped that Kardashian had a chance to talk to Trump about other important politically issues. Noah said, "She could probably teach Donald Trump about diplomacy."

Noah impersonated Kardashian while theorizing on what advice she could give. He said, "She could be like, 'You should, like, treat China the same way we treat Blac Chyna, because she's an outsider, no one trusts her but we've learned to co-exists."