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Kris Kardashian's Bizarre Baby Request From European Royalty

On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Kardashian received a mysterious letter with an egg-citing proposition, and they didn't mean an omelette. The letter read, "The client and the wife have tried unsuccessfully to have their own children and request to speak with you about egg donation." Kris exclaimed, "He wants one of my eggs!"

But it wasn't just any old egg request, it was an egg request from royalty as the letter went on to say, "He and his wife believe that an offspring with your DNA will fit seamlessly into their royal lineage."

Although Kris thought it was a joke at first, she checked out and it turned out the letter sender was a legit royal person with some legit royal egg needs, so Kris mulled it over. She considered how Janet Jackson had recently had a baby in her mid 50's and she was only 61 so it seemed possible, right?

But when Kris went to see Dr. Huang, he disappointed her in saying that her eggs were probably not in tip top shape because they too age. On the bright side, Dr. Huang said that she could still carry a baby, so if Kim needed help with her next baby, she could use Granny Kris's oven.