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Kristen Wiig Gives Jimmy Fallon Some Hilarious Bad News on 'The Tonight Show'

Kristen Wiig joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show for some Mad Lib Theater, where she delivered some difficult news to her former SNL buddy. Wiig was playing a doctor who had some bad news for her patient. She told Fallon, "Your blood pressure is 59 over two. And our x-rays found a canoe in your Achilles heel."

The bad news didn't end there, the Tonight Show host also had Fluffy Platypus Disease. Wiig gave him a pill, but there were some side effects. Fallon said, "But I heard those pills cause involuntary drinking." Wiig confirmed his fear, and added, "Side effects also include an itchy armpit and a decrease in the desire to hammer."

While the news was difficult for Fallon to hear, the Despicable Me 3 star decided to focus on the bright side. Wiig said, "You know, the best part about being a doctor is that I get to treat patients like you, and then go home to my second cousin, Gary." And in an effort to cheer Fallon up, Wiig ended the doctor's visit with her favorite song, "Feel My Face." She sang, "You and me gotta get out of this place, and come back to apartment so you can feel my face. Touch my body. Touch my body."