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Kristin Cavallari gains new insight into brother's tragic death

Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry sat down with Kristin Cavallari to discuss the 2015 passing of her brother, Michael Cavallari.

Michael had been reported missing a couple of weeks before his body was discovered in the Utah high desert. He had been involved in a single-car accident and had wandered away from the vehicle. He ultimately succumbed to exposure and hypothermia.

Despite being ruled an accident the coroner and sheriff, there had been some speculation that Michael had attempted to take his own life.

While communicating with Michael on a metaphysical plain, Henry said, ""He's having me acknowledge looking for a river...to be able to walk, follow where the water was but there's this feeling of just not getting the chance."

Tyler then insisted, "I have no doubt in my mind, based on all of the details and validations that have came through today, that he didn't intend to end his life."

The affirmation was a relief for Kristin and her family. She said,"My parents have been divorced, they've both been remarried, but it's brought the three of us together. And even Mike, in spirit, you know it's kind of brought us back to that core family, which has been really nice."