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Kroger unveils its 2021 food trend predictions

Kroger released its top 10 food and beverage purchases of 2020. Yahoo Finance's Alexandra Canal shares the details.

Video Transcript

AKIKO FUJITA: We have all done our fair share of snacking in quarantine. Kroger now out with the top food purchases in 2020. A lot of changes in there, also in the way we shop. So let's bring in Allie Canal now who has that list for us. And, Allie, comfort food certainly a big one.

I looked at the top 10, though. I probably am not craving the same thing because I didn't find one thing on that list that I have been purchasing over the last several months.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Really, Akiko? Not even the sauvignon blanc wine? I mean, like chocolate? I feel like I totally related to this list.

And it's interesting because I think it represents this shift that everyone has been experiencing with remote work, remote learning.

If we take a look at the top 10 here, number one, we have "Zero" soft drinks, Mexican-blend shredded cheese, flavored potato chips-- I already mentioned that white wine-- heavy whipping creme, fresh burger patties, artisan bread, bulk coffee pods, bags of chocolate, and Black Forest ham.

And let's think about this here. You're not really going out to Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts and getting your coffee anymore. You're making them at home. You're not going to the restaurant to have your favorite cheeseburger. You're making that at home. And really, all of these items sort of underscore the fact that Americans are just cooking from the comfort of their own homes, and this is something that Kroger says is going to continue into 2021. Even when restaurants do reopen, even when we have a vaccine, Americans are just more and more used to cooking at home, and these products really represent that shift.

ZACK GUZMAN: Yeah, I mean, Allie, just looking at that list there, you know you're having a bad day when you've got the heavy whipping cream in one hand, the sauvignon blanc in the other, and a party pack of chocolates in the left. Frankly, you shouldn't have a party pack of chocolates because you're not allowed to have parties in lockdown.

But talk to you about some of these trends and what Kroger's expecting for 2021 as well. Are we expecting the comfort-food trend to stick around?

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Yes, definitely. Comfort foods are a really big item that's expected to continue into 2021.

If we think about the early days of the pandemic, people were really turning to baking. There was a lot of TikToks on baking different breads and just things to sort of keep your mind off the craziness of everything that was happening in the world. So I think comfort foods are definitely going to continue.

Kroger said they will also be seeing a lot of future-proof foods heading into 2021, and these are foods that have added benefit. So they could be immune-boosting benefits, sort of more additives and supplements to help support your energy levels and your brain function. And I think this is because more Americans are more health conscious. I know I certainly have been taking a lot more supplements amid this pandemic, trying to stay as healthy and-- as healthy as possible.

And along with that comes with an increased interest when it comes to plant-based foods. They say that mushroom, that's going to be the vegetable in 2021, that mushrooms are just going to have a breakout year next year along with other plant-based items and eco-friendly choices. Americans say that they do not want to waste any more food in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic, and that's also going to take us into 2021.

So there's still a lot of things to explore here next year. I know everyone is waiting for the end of 2020. And, you know, get those mushrooms ready because apparently you're going to see them in a lot more recipes, a lot more products, and a lot more spices next year.

AKIKO FUJITA: I feel like they already have been en vogue, right? But it's interesting because I think it does feel like the pendulum is going to swing completely in the opposite direction. We're all going to be feeling guilty about the snacking. Next year, plant-based foods, more vegetables, that kind of thing.