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Labor evolves as robotics are being used more in the restaurant industry

Miso Robotics CEO Mike Bell joined Yahoo Finance Live on May 12 to discuss how they’re integrating robots into the fast food industry to take care of the more undesirable jobs.

Video Transcript


MIKE BELL: Brian, we're nearing the day when a robot is going to do more and more of that portion of making a burrito. Our view is that there's a whole bunch of tasks that are back in the house that are just better suited for automation. Dealing with human beings is not one of them. We think that humans are best dealing with other humans.


The robot industry itself is pulling in people from all different industries because it's growing at such a fast rate. What's happening is, we're pulling in people as an example from other industries to be robot installation specialists or robot trainers or computer vision experts, both engineers, as well as non-engineers. What we will see going forward is a real shift in the workforce and just more technical jobs that are being created by industries like ours.