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Leah Remini and Kevin James Crack the Case on 'Kevin Can Wait' Season Finale

King of Queens co-star Leah Remini helped reign in Kevin James on the season finale of Kevin Can Wait. Remini played Kevin's old police partner, Vanessa Cellucci. The old King of Queens duo revived their old rapport, basically playing Doug and Carrie as cops.

Cellucci and Kevin were working undercover and were hot on the trail of a dubious art dealer when they discovered that the art he was hocking wasn't forgeries. Thinking that the case was cold, Kevin was suddenly struck with an uncharacteristic touch of genius. He took Cellucci to the dealer's warehouse and looked for narcotics amongst the shipments and it turned out that yes, the art dealer was also a drug dealer. Though the art dealer caught them, the two managed to escape.

Fortunately for them, it turned out the dubious art dealer's girlfriend was FBI so Kevin and Cellucci were able to escape and close the case.