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LeBron James’s decision to join the Lakers has Yahoo commenters divided

“Sorry King but a ninth straight finals will not happen.” “It’s a win for L.A. and a win for LBJ.”

There wasn’t a TV special or a written essay. There was no free agency tour, red carpets, or extravagant free agent pitches. At the end of the day, LeBron James’s decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers came in the form of a tweet from Klutch Sports.

That’s right, the King is joining the Lakers, having agreed to a 4-year, $154 million deal. After months of speculation, LeBron has left Cleveland for the West Coast. Cleveland fans aren’t burning their jerseys like they did in 2010, when James took his talents to South Beach.

That doesn’t mean everyone is at peace with the Lakers recruitment of yet another NBA legend. “LeBron will never be in the finals again,” wrote one commenter. “No chance of getting past Golden State.” “Been a Lakers fan for over 30 years,” another stated. “Signing LeBron will stunt their growth.”

It’s not all negativity from Yahoo commenters, as some are excited to see the Lakers be relevant again. “This Lakers team will look much different in a couple weeks,” one commenter wrote. “Adding LeBron to the Lakers young squad makes them a playoff team,” wrote another. “We all know the rise of the Lakers is inevitable,” another observed. “Just accept it.”

What the Lakers continue to do in the off-season and how L.A. looks next season remains to be seen. What do you think about LeBron’s move to L.A.? Let us know in the comments.