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Logan Paul’s punishment: Yahoo Newsroom readers react

“Maybe he will now have to find a real job.” “Pure stupidity, not to mention, heartless and insensitive. Good job YouTube, better late than never.” Eleven days after vlogger Logan Paul published — and quickly deleted — an objectionable video from Japan’s “suicide forest,” YouTube announced its penalty, sparking strong reactions on Yahoo Newsroom.

YouTube is dropping Paul, one of its biggest stars from its Google Preferred platform, which aggregates top content for advertisers. Paul has also been pulled from the series “Foursome,” and his other original projects are “on hold.” It’s been hinted he may be punished further, but for now the millionaire can still earn money from YouTube’s nonpreferred platform.

The vlogger ignited a firestorm with the controversial Dec. 31 video, which shows him laughing at what seems to be the body of a man who took his own life. Paul doesn’t appear to have many fans on Yahoo Newsroom, where he’s been largely blasted for the video as well as his fame, but some see another side: “Material may be tasteless by the standards of the majority but that doesn’t mean it’s correct to crush freedom of speech.”

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