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Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet earnings: What to look in Big Tech results

Brad Smith joins Seana Smith and Dave Briggs to discuss what to expect from tech earnings from Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet.

Video Transcript


SEANA SMITH: I want to start with Apple because this is just going to be huge for the Street. I think the big narrative, the big story here, is all about demand, what those iPhone number sales are going to look like, if, in fact, we will see that year over year drop. Of course, we are expecting a year over year drop when it comes to revenue there. That would be the first that we have seen at Apple in nearly four years, so certainly a lot of attention on that name here after the bell, Dave.

DAVE BRIGGS: All right, you're two Philadelphia Eagles fans.


DAVE BRIGGS: So I'm going to speak to you in that language. I'm not all that concerned about this report for Apple. Why? I think it's a lot like the Eagles playing Washington in mid-November and losing at home. And their fans are freaking out. They're not going to the Super Bowl. The shine has worn off. This is one quarter. We already know their struggles came in China during COVID lockdowns. They've largely already reversed themselves, not all that worried about it, guys, because they're still going to the Super Bowl. Well, they're still winning the ring.