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A look at Kraft Heinz's Macaroni & Cheese flavored ice cream

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Yahoo Finance’s Brooke DiPalma taste tests Kraft Hienz’s Macaroni & Cheese Ice Cream and Dogfish Head's Hazy-O IPA Ice Cream.

Video Transcript

KRISTIN MYERS: Kraft Heinz recently introduced get this, macaroni and cheese ice cream, with Brooklyn-based Van Leeuven Ice Cream. Now tubs of the sweet and salty ice cream sold out in just one hour, as incredible as that is. But our Brooke DiPalma was able to score a tub to try, and she's here now in this week's "Brooke's Bites." Brooke, I'm excited for this, because macaroni and cheese ice cream sounds, I'm going to be honest, absolutely disgusting. So I am waiting for you to go give it a test and let us know how it tastes.

BROOKE DIPALMA: Now, Kristin, it might sound disgusting, but it's certainly got a lot of buzz on social media. It was sold out online in just one hour, like you noted. But also at all scoop shops across New York City at Van Leeuven locations. Now this a quite interesting, unique collaboration, but Kraft Heinz did introduce a candy mac and cheese earlier this year. And it also gained a lot of attention, perhaps introducing a new chapter for Kraft Heinz. Shares of the company up 12% this year, as innovation is being hinted at here and there, especially with this collaboration.

Now it does go for quite a bit of an expensive per pint cost. It is $12. So if you're iffy about teasing it, that's quite the price tag here. Now it does include just a few ingredients, including cream, milk, cane sugar, egg yolks, Kraft cheese mix, so the iconic mix that you put inside the bag. And here we go, I do want to give it a try. So it has that Kraft Heinz macaroni and cheese look. It's actually dripping right into my computer, so let's hope I don't die here.

But with a bite here, here we go. OK, it's actually really good. I love ice cream, but this has a sweet and salty complexion. It's quite tasty. It is a bit cheesy, but I actually think I'd eat it again. I know that sounds crazy, Kristin and Alexis, but I'd definitely take another bite after this segment.

ALEXIS CHIROSTOFOROUS: I don't know, cheesy ice cream, I can't wrap, I cannot wrap my head around it. It might be one of those things I have to try to actually see if I like. But I know that this is a trend we're seeing more companies do, where they're hooking up with these ice cream shops. Dogfish Head Brewery recently collabbed with Tipsy Scoop. I love the names of these companies.

BROOKE DIPALMA: Now that's right. This one actually contains about 5% alcohol. It runs quite expensive as well. A four-pack is $49. And consumers do flock to it. It actually sold out on the website, but is still available on Gold Belly. This retails like I said. For $49 for a four-pack, and also perhaps a win here for Boston Beer Company, which recently came under pressure as truly sales did not do as well as expected this summer. So perhaps this sweet treat, eyeing your customers and investors alike, this actually includes a Dogfish Head Hazy-O IPA, water, sugar, cinnamon and oats, sunflower oil, rice and rice syrup, excuse me.

And this one is a bit more frosty here, as you can see. It has a bit more ice flavor, perhaps because that beer, only one scoop, because it is 5% alcohol and we're on air here. So all right, another win, guys. I don't know if I'm crazy and I love ice cream. I could definitely do the IPA in here though. It's a bit of a flash, especially compared to what sweet treat I just had.

ALEXIS CHIROSTOFOROUS: You like the alcohol with the ice cream.

KRISTIN MYERS: Don't shame her, Alexis, there's nothing wrong with that.


BROOKE DIPALMA: I'm telling you, it's good!


KRISTIN MYERS: I absolutely love Tipsy Scoop, I will say. I like alcohol-infused ice cream. I'm still not sold, however, on this mac and cheese concoction that we've got going on with Van Leeuven. But if you say it's good, I'm going to trust you. Yeah.

BROOKE DIPALMA: Kristin, it's good. And a spokesperson said that it might not get restocked, so if you have a friend that has it, come over my house and I'll give you a try.

KRISTIN MYERS: All right, well, we are both on Long Island, so I'll definitely, I'll see you later today, Brooke. Thank you so much.