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Madonna’s fashion evolution: See her most iconic looks

Madonna isn’t just a music icon, she’s a style icon too! The queen of pop started her fashion reign in the ’80s with that unforgettable “Like a Virgin” outfit. Yes, she was dressed in all white, complete with a corset, tulle skirt and a belt buckle that read “Boy Toy.” It became one of the singer’s most memorable looks — and it’s still a great Halloween costume.

The Material Girl has reinvented herself over the last three and a half decades. In the ’90s, she had fans wondering “Who’s That Girl” when she took the stage in a high-ponytail-and-cone-bra combo. Pointy bras became synonymous with Madonna — and she totally embraced the bold style. In 1999, she paid homage to an Eastern-inspired trend by performing at the Grammys in a red kimono.

In 2005, Madonna stepped into her disco phase wearing head-to-toe purple on the red carpet. Her bodysuit, bomber jacket and knee-high boots had us all feeling groovy. She made another fashion statement at the 2009 Met Gala, sporting haute couture bunny ears courtesy of Louis Vuitton. It wouldn’t be the last time she rocked a unique accessory: At this year’s Billboard Music Awards, she decided to wear an eye patch and own all those pirate vibes.