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Madonna and Jimmy Fallon mouth swap on ‘The Tonight Show’

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Madonna stopped by to promote her new skin care line MDNA by giving Fallon a bit of a facial. Drawing an “M” on his face with one of the products, she removed the goop and showed off his new radiant skin underneath.

And when she wasn’t hocking her new skin care line, she was playing “Lip Flip” with Jimmy Fallon. “Lip Flip” is a game where The Tonight Show swaps the mouths of the two via some super fancy special effects and they then get to speak for each other. Jimmy spoke in a faux British accent for Madonna saying, “I'm Madonna and I'm British. Where should we start? Let's start at the very beginning. I'm from Michigan. This is how people from Michigan talk”

Meanwhile, Madonna did her best Jimmy Fallon saying, “Uh, look at me. I'm Jimmy Fallon. I'm from Brooklyn. I like pizza. I stuff my face with it every day, all day long. And I love it. And I love to talk to my dog. And my dog's name is Juan.”