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‘It makes sense to have lessons.’ Newsroom readers support Meghan Markle getting royal training

“Nothing wrong with learning how to behave properly.” “Kate [Middleton] went through the same training. She was not born royal, and had to be taught royal protocol.” Now that Meghan Markle is the Duchess of Sussex, Queen Elizabeth is ordering her to receive training in court ways. Newsroom readers see the opportunity as a royal bonus!

Meghan Markle is in line for six months of training, after the queen selected one of her senior aides to teach her how to behave like a member of the royal family. It’s been reported that Samantha Cohen will make the move from Buckingham Palace to Kensington Palace to give Prince Harry’s wife lessons on how to adjust to royal life.

Hundreds of Newsroom comments have poured in, with a majority of readers agreeing that Meghan would benefit from a thorough introduction to court etiquette: “If you want to live the life, you need to learn the life.” Another reader wrote, “The Queen is not a mean person to do this, it is so Meghan becomes familiar to the way things are done.”

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