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Man adopts street cat and takes her on a road trip of a lifetime

Mogli was an orphan cat in Morocco, but soon found her best friend and travel buddy. The friendly feline approached Martin Klauka, and they had an immediate connection. Klauka told the Dodo, “I called to her and she instantly came over, laid down in my arms, and fell asleep.” At that moment, he decided to adopt Mogli and hop on his motorbike for an unforgettable road trip.

The sweet cat was scared of riding on the motorbike at first, but she soon took to the open road like a pro. She stayed tucked away in Klauka’s bag on the front of his bike, occasionally sticking her head out to see the purrfect scenery. Once they had reached their destinations, she’d sometimes sit on her dad’s shoulder or explore the beautiful surroundings. “After checking back on me a few times to make sure we’re actually staying, she goes off exploring for hours, sometimes even a whole day,” Klauka explained.

Despite the challenges of taking his pet on the road, Klauka says it’s so worth it: “I’m happy with where I am in my life and happy to have taken her.” The traveling twosome have visited over a dozen countries on the first leg of their tour. They’re taking a break in Dubai, where Klauka is working, but plan to hit the road again this summer.