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Mark Hamill crashes 'The Big Bang Theory' wedding

Mark Hamill guest starred on the season finale of The Big Bang Theory, and what a finale it was. After years of waiting, Sheldon and Amy finally got married.

Wil Wheaton was originally going to officiate the wedding. But after Howard called in a favor, Mark Hamill replaced him. It was the least Mark could do after Howard found his dog, Bark Hamill.

The couple said their own vows, with Amy starting. She said, "From the first moment in that coffee shop, I knew that there was something special between us, even though I did work on a study that disproved love at first sight."

Sheldon did not prepare his vows and, in fact, he stumbled at first with what to say. Then he said, "I guess I'm overwhelmed by you, in a good way. Not in the elevator in the haunted mansion way. Even if I can't tell you now how I feel, I will spend my life showing you how much I love you."

Mark Hamill was so taken aback by the touching vows that he was almost too emotional to continue, but he did. Choking back tears, he said, "Then by the power vested in me by evenyoucanperformweddings.com, I now pronounce you husband and wife."