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All Markets Summit: Road to Recovery Highlights

On Monday October 26th 2020 Yahoo Finance presented the All Markets Summit: Road to Recovery. It was a fully virtual event anchored from the Nasdaq in New York’s Times Square. We convened an all-star lineup bringing together leaders in business, academia, sports, entertainment, government, philanthropy, and a host of influencers who are building and refining new relationships in a time of profound generational, cultural, and economic change.

Video Transcript

- The Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit is Yahoo Finance's marquee event, streaming free, online, on social, and on air featuring an all-star lineup.

ANTHONY FAUCI: But I think one of the real successes that we're going to see over the next couple of months is what's happened in the arena of vaccines as well as, in some extent, newer and better therapeutics.

BILL GATES: We've always had some wariness about vaccines, but not this idea of connecting them to a plot, you know, like, microchipping people to track them, or things that even in a fiction story, wouldn't be all that believable.

- We have exclusive interviews.

ADENA FRIEDMAN: I remain a true believer that capitalism, as a concept, is the best system that exists, because it allows for people to maximize their opportunity. I think the key, though, is to make sure that everyone in society has an equal opportunity.

MICHAEL CORBAT: I think the great news-- or the silver lining-- in this is that I think the financial system globally, and in particular, in the US comes into this as a source of strength.

DANY GARCIA: We will keep a number of the rule changes that were made in the 2020 season. We're actually going through a download now with players and our coaches to see what actually did work and what didn't work.

- The Yahoo Finance All Market Summit tackling the top issues.

EMMANUEL ACHO: Change will not occur unless change is forced to occur. Women would not have been given the right to vote if not for protesting in some capacity. Black people would not have been given the right to vote, would not have been given the right to integrate--

CHRIS PAUL: We wanted to speak on the things that we face day in and day out.

- Expect breaking news--

ED BASTIAN: We're working with experts such as the Harvard School of Public Health, which is coming out with their analysis this week, to indicate the safety and the really extraordinary low-transmission risk aboard airplanes.

DOUG MCMILLON: Americans need jobs. They want to know that their children are going to a better future than the life they've had, and we should work together to make that happen.

- --and unique insights.

CARLY FIORINA: I believe that power concentrated is power abused, always. Whether that power is concentrated in Washington DC or whether that power is concentrated in the corporate headquarters, and so we need to disperse power and money and decision-making.

- We're a destination for influencers.

LL COOL J: I actually care about what's going on in the world and care about what's going on in the community.

GARY VAYNERCHUK: This will be a transformational moment on Madison Avenue forever.

- The Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit bringing together the best minds in business and finance, philanthropy, and public policy, and a host of innovators and influencers. Leaders who are shaping our lives today and driving change for tomorrow.