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Matt Lauer Reenacts Contentious Tom Cruise Interview on 'Watch What Happens Live'

The Today Show anchors, Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie, stayed up past their bedtime to visit Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. While they were there, Andy and Matt reenacted the contentious 2005 interview between Matt and Tom Cruise. The two got into a somewhat heated discussion about psychiatry and anti-depressants since the interview took place shortly after Tom had criticized Brooke Shields for claiming those things helped with her postpartum depression.

So Andy, who thrives on awkward moments, wanted to reenact the more awkward moments of the interview, although, this time Matt got to play the role of Tom. Before they started, Matt wanted everyone to know that things between him and Tom are all cool now. He said, "Can I say before we do this, I like Tom Cruise. We have a good relationship, we have a good friendship. That was just one little moment."

The guys went back and forth reading lines from the interview, although, Matt strayed from the script a bit. At one point he said, "You are extraordinarily handsome," which got a laugh out of Andy. And while the days of Tom Cruise jumping on couches and criticizing Brooke Shields are long gone, we can thank Andy's Clubhouse Playhouse for this trip down memory lane.