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Matthew McConaughey Recreates Hilarious Stephen Colbert Sketch from 1995

Matthew McConaughey visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote his movie, The Dark Tower. But all he could talk about was a sketch comedy show from 1995 called Exit 57.

Stephen Colbert was one of the stars of the series that ran for 12 episodes on Comedy Central from 1995 to 1996. Each show was 30 minutes long consisted of 6 sketches.

McConaughey was a massive fan of the show which he said he "religiously" watched. He also said that the best sketches from the series are still the best comedy sketches he's ever seen of anything.

McConaughey's favorite sketch of all time in which a newspaper editor and his weatherman are arguing over minute changes to the forecast. The reason McConaughey likes this sketch and all of the Exit 57 sketches is be because the scenes are honest and have high stakes despite the fact the premise is often ridiculous.

In the sketch, McConaughey's character confronts his editor saying, "I write 'Sunny with a slight chance of rain' and you, with your amazing let's-screw-the-forecast attitude, change it to "Possible showers," and it makes me look bad!"

Some of the Exit 57 sketches can be found scattered online, but hard copies are extremely hard to come by. So hopefully you enjoyed watching an Academy Award winner perform in one because it may have been the only chance you'll ever get.