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Matthew McConaughey: Social media has been ‘good for business’

Academy Award winning actor, Matthew McConaughey joins ‘Influencers with Andy Serwer’ to discuss social media and its impact on American society.

Video Transcript

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY: I just got on Instagram I think a year ago. My communication and that platform for me to share parts of myself out with have already been good for me valuably because I have a direct line of communication, and it's not through someone else's filter. It's a direct line.

At the same time, it's been good for my business, you know. People check now. I didn't know this until I got on IG. Before you do certain jobs, they go-- let me check how many followers you have. Those followers matter even for business, for advertisers and things like that.

What the scary part is that we have to really watch is for the first time in our lives we, especially children and millennials, are getting their entire sense of self based on something they put-- a picture or a phrase, something that they, poof, send out to the world. And they anxiously wait to see what all these strangers are going to say about it. And if the thumbs come back up, I'm going to have a great day. Look at me. I'm popular. If the thumbs come back down, I drop into a depression.

Well, that's not healthy. And where's the responsibility lie? I mean, one, it lies with us parents of our children to say, hey, make sure you're not getting all-- your sense of wealth and identity and significance based on just approval or disapproval of the rest of the world because understand that there's a lot of folks out there that are putting the thumb down or writing something negative, and they didn't even read or look at what you wrote, all right?

So where-- again, where are we allotting value and where are we allotting what our kids do? I always say this. Kiddos, millennials, all of us, thing you type in there, that comment, what you say, it's going to outlive you. It's going to outlive all of us, so think about it before you press Send and before you write it.

And also this-- it's short money-- short money you think that to put you down raises me up. It doesn't.

ANDY SERWER: We can come together as a country again, Matthew?

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY: I know we can, but we're not going to-- here's what I think we have to also watch. We're not going to become a kumbaya. There's not going to be perfect justice across society. We're not going to have a utopia. And I think that it's irrational to think that we are. I think it's actually arrogant sometimes to think that this species-- and you look at-- we could go into the nominations, who voted what and where. We are evolving, but we're never going to be our best. We're not going to get there, and I think that's the point. If we could just do a little bit better, have a small ascension to the quality of our lives and who we are and how we treat ourselves and others in it, then there's a small ascension in our life and in society and in America.

America is an aspiration, constantly chasing yet. But we've got to realize, we ain't ever going to get to yet, but that's the point. Trying to get a little bit better is as good as it gets. So join the party.