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Mean Girls streaming free on Paramount's TikTok

October 3 is here and Paramount (PARA) is celebrating the momentous day by streaming "Mean Girls" for free on their TikTok page — the entire movie is cut into three-minute clips. Will the streamer be able to transfer this hype and deliver new viewers to its platform?

Yahoo Finance's Alexandra Canal, Josh Schafer, and Pras Subramanian weigh on Paramount's social media strategy.

For more expert insight and the latest market action, click here to watch this full episode of Yahoo Finance Live.

Video Transcript

- Something is free today, and that is the "Mean Girls" movie. You can watch the entire "Mean Girls" movie on TikTok. This is what Paramount is choosing to release. And why? Because it is October 3, and that is the iconic date from "Mean Girls." Look, it's in 23 parts.

This movie is 1 hour and 47 minutes long. The fact that they were able to even put this entire movie in these clips on TikTok is pretty remarkable. I don't know, personally, if I would sit there on my phone--

- Watch a movie in vertical on your phone? No.

- --in several clips. Yeah, it's not for me. But it certainly, got people talking. Look at the likes, too.

- I'm going to keep scrolling.

- A lot of likes.

- Now, all right, I'm normally so negative, so I'll be positive about this one.

- Wow.

- One thing--

- Wait, you wore your pink.

- I wore pink. I wore pink.

- On October 3?

- Yes. Yes, I did. It's not Wednesday. I know on Wednesdays we wear pink, but I also knew, you know, I played a little--

- I'll let it slide, "Mean Girls" slide.

- I will say, part of how I got into "Suits," we've talked about how I was in on the resurgence of "Suits" on Netflix.

- Yep.

- I saw tips or clips on TikTok, and it interested me. Because you can watch full scenes, right? And it's, kind of, like a teaser. So the fact that Paramount is doing that--

- So maybe that is what they're doing.

- --it is really interesting here, because no one's going to watch the whole movie. It's not the point, right? But they want you to see-- they want you to see some, sort of, scene of Regina George, and then say, OK, I want to get in or get back in because of that. It's not really about watching the whole movie, I think.

- OK. Honestly, I like that take.

- I'm waiting for "Citizen Kane" to go on--

- Citizen Kane?

- --on TikTok.

- What is that?

- Yeah, what movie is that the number one movie you'd want to see on TikTok?

- I mean, I'm kidding, but it's like a three-hour movie about the media world.

- Like the "Irishman."

- Yeah, "Irishman," like that. Yeah.

- See that on TikTok.

- Every "Godfather."

- Part 2.

- Part 2.

- I don't know, maybe this is a new trend that we'll have to watch. I don't know. But maybe, I will be--

- Maybe.

- Yeah, maybe that's a thing. Who knows?