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Meet the other famous Justin — Justin Beaver

Selena Gomez may have an on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber, but the rest of us have cute rescue animal Justin Beaver (JB for short). The sweet animal was orphaned at a young age, and now lives permanently at Second Chances Wildlife Center in Louisville, Ky. Brigette Brouillard, the center’s director, told People, “Since beaver families are so close-knit and bond very tightly, we simply cannot just release one beaver.”

Surprisingly, human Justin and animal Justin have a lot in common. They both have fans and travel to meet them. JB “goes to schools, parks, Scouts, and libraries to teach people about the importance of wildlife and living humanely with them,” Brouillard said.

Second Chances is raising money to build an outdoor home for the adorable beaver, where he can grow and chew on whatever he wants comfortably. “JB came to me just shy of 8 pounds. He is currently 20, and I expect him to get to 50 or 60,” Brouillard explained.