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Meghan McCain fiercely defends Trump supporters following ‘cult’ comment

"The View" is known for its heated discussions, usually between the liberal Joy Behar and conservative Meghan McCain.

But on Friday, McCain argued with conservative commentator Tara Setmayer who said some Trump supporters are in a ‘cult’ for believing his every word. After she said that, McCain interjected, “Please stop saying that, please stop saying that.”

Eventually, the fight even absorbed "View" co-host Sara Haines as she attempted to make the case for anti-Trump conservatives who ask “at what point am I giving up my humanity.” McCain forcefully and repeatedly interrupted until Joy Behar made an ultimatum, saying, “if you’re all talking at once, I’m going to go to break.”

Ultimately, as you can imagine, no compromise was struck and it ended with McCain very much over it, saying, “I’m sorry, I literally - I can’t.”