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Melania Trump accused of stealing Michelle Obama's 'Be Better' slogan for her 'Be Best' platform

Melania Trump has finally revealed her long-anticipated platform, 16 months after taking the role of first lady. Today, FLOTUS announced “Be Best” — but not without controversy.

In her speech, Trump outlined the three pillars of her innovative. She will focus on children’s well-being, social media use, and opioid abuse.

“I feel strongly that as adults we can and should be best at educating our children about the importance of a healthy and balanced life,” the first lady said. “As a mother and as first lady, it concerns me that in today's fast-paced and ever-connected world, children can be less prepared to express or manage their emotions and oftentimes turn to forms of destructive or addictive behavior such as bullying, drug addiction, or even suicide”

As anticipated, Trump addressed the negative uses of social media — as President Donald Trump watched from the front row.

“As we all know, social media can both positively and negatively affect our children. But too often, it is used in negative ways," said Trump. "When children learn positive online behaviors early on, social media can be used in productive ways and can affect positive change.”

Critics immediately picked up on the irony of the first lady’s platform, given her husband’s own Twitter use, an irony that Trump has addressed in the past.

But there was no rebuttal for the latest critique of Trump: Many think the first lady stole the “Be Best” slogan from Michelle Obama.

In June 2016, the former first lady sat down with Oprah Winfrey to speak about feminism. One of the biggest takeaways was Obama telling men in the workplace to “be better.”