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A Mermaid Costume That's A Perfect Last-Minute Option

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Being a human isn't all it's cracked up to be, right? Out on the shore we work all day, under the sun we slave away. (Couldn't help myself.) Being a mermaid is where it's at. You can breathe underwater, you probably have some rad seashell accessories, and, in some cases, your hair is long and flowing. What's not to love? (Minus potential shark threats.)

Turning yourself into a mermaid for Halloween is quite simple if you have bright eye shadow and some fishnets. I'm not sure who came up with this hack, but whoever you are, bless you. Somewhat ironically, you place the fishnets over your face and push different shades of eye shadow onto your skin. The result? Perfectly symmetrical ombré fish scales. I paired my look with a DIY seashell crown, fuchsia lipstick, and gold pigment on my cupid's bow from Pat McGrath's Lust 004 Kit.

This costume is a cinch! Let me know in the comments if you'll give it a try.

On Kirbie: dress from Wildfox Couture