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Michael Jackson Prank Fail Got Comedian Banned From Yankee Stadium

Rob Huebel stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where he remembered the time he worked on a VH-1 prank show. He was a producer on the show and he was tasked with trying to sneak a Michael Jackson impersonator into a Yankees game to throw out the first pitch.

The original concept was that Huebel and the impersonator would get into an altercation with the gate security but before they knew it the Yankees front office told them to come in. At this point Huebel said he was getting pretty nervous, particularly because the impersonator was a white German guy hiding behind a surgical mask.

Huebel eventually made it into the Yankees dugout with all the stars. But his time there was short lived because one of the other producers broke down crying while talking with security and everyone involved in the prank was thrown in jail.

To make matters even worse, Huebel said, "I am permanently banned from Yankee stadium. I have a thing that says, 'You may not ever go back in Yankee stadium." Don't feel to bad for Huebel tough, because he admitted, "I've been back already!"