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Michael Phelps, Harry Kane headline new golf event for Peacock

Yahoo Finance sports reporter Josh Schafer details the Icon Series golf tournament on Peacock that is drawing the participation of various celebrity-athletes.

Video Transcript

- Speaking of streaming, streaming coming to golf over the weekend-- another celebrity golf mash-up, kind of like "The Match."

JOSH SCHAFER: Yes. I was over at Liberty National Golf Course yesterday talking to members of the Icon Series. So what this is, like Dave said, it's kind of a carry-on from what we saw in "The Match." You can see Canelo Alvarez there. Michael Strahan was there. Reggie Bush, Michael Phelps-- some really big names.

And it's another push. We know WarnerMedia did this with "The Match." Now, Peacock and Comcast getting into the mix with this series. So I sort of asked people, what are they looking to get out of this? Is this going to be sustainable? Freddie Couples, the Masters champion-- a long time favorite for many golf fans-- said, it really depends on these athletes. Are these athletes going to want to stick around and come back for a second tournament, a third tournament?

And it seems like they're excited. But we're not really sure. The other favorite part I have of this broadcast-- and I asked Olympian Michael Phelps about this-- is they're miked up. So I asked Phelps, could we see the miked-up concept? It's fun in these broadcasts. Could we ever see that in a real broadcast? Here's what Michael said about being miked up.

MICHAEL PHELPS: You wouldn't want to talk to me during a game. I'm not the person that would have been-- I guess, you would have had to use a lot of expletives if you were listening to my head before a race. I would put myself into some weird spots. But it worked.

JOSH SCHAFER: Well, it sounds like if we're going to want more miked up Michael Phelps, we're going to have to stick to the celebrity golf tournaments, Dave. But I personally love them miked up. I'd love to see more of it. But I do agree. Maybe some of these athletes are a little too focused, a little too locked in, for us to see that.

- I think you're going to-- I mean, "The Match" had Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes. I think you're going to need a Charles Barkley, a Shaq-- some big personalities, let alone names. But it'll be interesting this weekend on Peacock. Josh Schafer, thank you.