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Michelle Obama gets candid about smoking pot: 'Why would I hide that from the next generation?'

Michelle Obama sat down with 20/20's Robin Roberts to discuss her autobiography, "Becoming." In the book, the former First Lady briefly mentions smoking marijuana when she was young.

Impressed by the candidness of her book, Roberts asked Obama,"You could've left that out, so why did you talk about that?" Obama replied, "That's what I did."

Obama went on to explain why she mentioned her brief time experimenting with marijuana, saying "That's part of the becoming story. Everybody had something that they had to work through, something that they were figuring out."

While there is still a negative stigma surround use of recreational marijuana, Obama had the humility to write about both her success and struggles. She asked Roberts, "Why would I hide that from the next generation?"

According to Twitter, viewers liked Obama's openness. One person tweeted, "A little pot is fine. Nothing like posing nude. You’re good Michelle!!"

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