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Microsoft and Alphabet earnings: Here's who is winning the AI race, Twitter users say

Yahoo Finance's Daniel Howley joins Brad Smith and Seana Smith to discuss what Twitter has to say about the earnings reports for Alphabet (GOOGL) and Microsoft (MSFT), AI, and the future for ad sales on Yahoo Finance's After the Call.

The recent earnings calls of Google, also known as Alphabet, and Microsoft have sparked discussions on their performance, with some analysts pointing out that Google's call was a "snooze fest" compared to Microsoft's high-energy, AI-focused presentation, said Howley.

Yahoo Finance put out a poll on Twitter to ask their viewers on who they think is winning the AI race. Daniel Howley reveals the results that might surprise you. Watch the video to learn more.

Video Transcript

BRAD SMITH: Well, we've got to keep it moving, keep it rolling along here. Let's bring in Yahoo Finance's tech editor Dan Howley to get his take on what took place between both of these calls. Dan had-- kind of one headphone in for Microsoft, one headphone in for-- for Alphabet. Dan, what did you gather?

DANIEL HOWLEY: Yeah, I think it's just a tale of two calls, almost, where Google was kind of a snooze fest. Microsoft, it sounded like they were all mainlining Red Bull the entire time. Super amped on the AI discussion. And I think if you look at how both companies are trading right now, that's kind of what you would expect based on those calls.

Microsoft up more than 8%. Google just up 1%, and they actually had fallen back pretty significantly from when they initially announced. You know, a lot of AI talk on Microsoft's side. Google, really I think the big thing is, you know, they're continued to improvements, rather, at ad sales space. And, you know, sure, they're going to have to talk about AI as well. But, you know, it just still feels really like Microsoft is continuing to-- to dominate this conversation as far as AI goes.

And, you know, I just want to go real quick to what we're seeing from-- from folks on Twitter as far as the AI aspect goes. We asked some of our readers, who is winning the race so far? And 56%--


DANIEL HOWLEY: --so far say Microsoft. You know, that's-- it's just getting--

SEANA SMITH: Wow, that's closer than I thought it was going to be.

DANIEL HOWLEY: Yeah, Google getting kind of blown away at 34%. And then Baidu and, you know, Bibi Baba-- Alibaba down at 3.5%. Not sure anybody's really kind of clocking those as much, but people on Twitter really--

BRAD SMITH: Oh, put some respect on Ernie's name, Dan. [INAUDIBLE]

DANIEL HOWLEY: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I [? keep-- ?] people on Twitter, you know, they're kind of saying, look, you know, Google had sales of a measly 3% year over year, basically saying, look, they-- the bar was low. They did well. Big deal.

Others saying that, look, both Microsoft and Google beat on earnings. That's really good, so the tech story is still alive.

BRAD SMITH: Yeah, absolutely. Just lastly here, Dan, as we're taking a look at the results of that poll, I got to know who you voted for.

DANIEL HOWLEY: I think Microsoft right now, man. It's-- it's hard to vote against them. They're doing pretty good.