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    not much of a deal, XBX would save you $20 over the two years, 500 console, 120 for xb live, 240 for game pass = 860, the contract would cost 840 @ 35 a month. XBS would be a better deal, saving about $130. 300 console, 120 for live, 240 for game pass = 660, the contract would cost 528 at $22 a month.
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    I like to own things, renting is paying for other peoples mortgage. This is a terrible idea.
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    You probably shouldn't be buying a console if you have to finance it...
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    Not everyone has a lump sum to drop on XBOX...and aren't so spoiled that they'd turn their nose up at an S...I personally pay for gold live and game pass...$20...two more dollars and I get an S?? Yes, please... I'm spending that anyways...
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    Elaborate Voicemail Hoax
    Who wants an xbox one s? So 2000 and late.
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    Gaming "per month" is the scam of the century.
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    Y spend more for 2 yrs I just bought a xonex for uhd movies that’s about it
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    Another trap for people who'll see this and think wow for $22 bucks per month I get all of that plus a console not thinking what if they are between jobs etc and can't make a payment.
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    news update. microsoft confirms that they will not be releasing a new generation of xbox for at least 2 years. it would seem that such would be obvious, but then again it's MS. they've shot themselves in the foot even both feet at the same time before. if such ever came to pass and folks are paying for old gen consoles while new are out and MS allowed that to come to pass it should be the nail in xbox's coffin. wouldn't be though would it. love is blind...
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    not a bad deal for those who don't have money to throw down $450 to $500 like that, but would like to own a console in an affordable way. (better then rent-a-center