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Mike Tyson is Super at Making People Laugh on 'SuperHuman'

SuperHuman is back for a full season after a two-hour special back in January. The show is a competition that tests the abilities of ordinary people to use their extraordinary skills. The contestants in each episode are judged, and the audience selects a winner who takes home the $50,000 prize. Former Heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, is one of those judges, and he's also the show's comic relief.

John Graham showed off his superhuman memory, but Tyson didn't think that talent would be very super to have. The show's host, Kal Penn asked Tyson "Is this a skill that you wish you had, to remember those kinds of details?" to which the boxer jokingly replied, "No, I don't think I want that skill. There's a lot of things I wanna forget."

When Kyla Carter's superhuman muscle memory allowed her to contort her body in different ways, Penn asked Tyson, "What was the most difficult body movement you had to achieve while boxing?" Tyson smiled and said, "That's easy. Gettin' off the canvas. 'Cause you're down… and you gotta get up, but you don't wanna get up."