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Millennial pink lattes are here, and they’re so pretty

Millennial pink is all the rage, from cookware and fashion to food — and now a sweet new beverage. Starbucks joined the millennial pink bandwagon with its Pink Medley Tea Latte. The pretty-in-pink drink has become an Instagram sensation. The hashtag #pinkmedleytealatte is taking over the ’gram in a big way.

The colorful new latte is just like a regular latte that includes steamed milk and lots of foam. The big difference is that pink lattes have a new Teavana tea called Joyful Medley. Fans are raving about the beverage. It’s not just sweet on the eyes, it’s super-tasty too! It has orange, peach, apple, and strawberry flavors. That sounds like a blend of deliciousness.

There’s just one catch: The drink is only available in Japan — for now. A bit of a bummer, but if we patiently wait, our Instagram feed will soon go from cool tones to marvelously pink.