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Millie Bobby Brown speaks out against online bullying days after leaving Twitter

On Monday’s 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards, 14-year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown won Best Performance in a Show for her role on Stranger Things. And she used her acceptance speech, which was actually a pre-recorded video message, to once again speak out against online bullying.“Since I know there are many young people watching this, and even to the adults, too, they could probably use the reminder that I was taught: if you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say it,” Brown began. “There should be no space in this world for bullying, and I'm not going to tolerate it. And neither should any of you. If you need a reminder of how worthy you are and to rise above the hate, message me on Instagram. Thanks again, MTV, and lots of love.”Her mention of Instagram came with a wink, because just last week Brown deleted her Twitter account after a somewhat mysterious flood of homophobic memes falsely attributed hateful comments about the LGBTQ community to her. And she let everyone know she wasn't going to stand for it. Check out the kids from Stranger Things in a Motown cover band:

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