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The new Miss USA is...

The Miss USA pageant came down between Miss Nebraska, Miss North Carolina, and Miss Nevada. After Miss Nevada was named the second runner-up, Miss Nebraska was crowned the winner.

Miss Nebraska, also known as, Sarah Rose Summers, is a 23-year-old certified child life specialist, and her profession came in handy during the Q&A portion of the night. She was asked, "One in four children in the United States are in a single-parent household. How has that affected our generation views on marriage and family?" After giving a quick shout-out to her own parents in the audience, Summers said, "I do work in a children's hospital as a certified child life specialist where I'm a liaison between the children and families and the medical team. And I've seen single mothers at the bedside working remotely on their computers to stay by their children and support them."

Although the answer to her other question got one of the biggest cheers of the night. When she was asked about a hypothetical protest march, Summers urged people to "speak your voice." She then ended her answer with, "Go speak to people. When they have questions, communicate with them. Listen to their views also. That is one thing in the United States that we really need to focus on is listening to each other!"