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More investors expect Biden to win presidential election: Survey

RBC'S Lori Calvasina new note looks at the market perception surrounding a Joe Biden presidency. Yahoo Finance's Julia La Roche weighs in.

Video Transcript

JULIE HYMAN: And Julia, also interesting a note out from Lori Calvasina of RBC where she looks at the market perceptions surrounding a Joe Biden presidency.

JULIA LA ROCHE: That's right. It's their quarterly survey, and they just posted the latest results. And for the second survey in a row, most investors, approximately 57% of investors polled expect Joe Biden to win in November. That is down from 63% from the survey back in June. However, those who expect a Trump re-election, that rose to 43%, up from 37% in June. And one of the big takeaways here, Julie, is that the investors feel less bearish on the markets when it comes to a Joe Biden victory. They have been feeling a bit more optimistic. Lori Calvasina pointed to some of the overall economic outlooks and optimism of another round of stimulus as kind of favoring that sentiment shift.

Elsewhere here, the Biden victory viewed as bullish or very bullish ticked up to 13% up from 7% in June. But the big takeaway, of course, is that they feel less bearish. Only 41% of investors view a Biden victory as bearish for equities. The last poll in June, that number was 60%. And when it comes to President Trump, most still think a Trump re-election would be bullish for the markets. 63% think he would be bullish. That is down from 65% in June, so it's always an interesting read as to how they view how the markets might go depending on the election here.