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The most exciting and fun tech from CES 2024

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) unveiled the latest and most exciting tech in consumer electronics for 2024, from cocktail crafting robots to smart toilets. One of the biggest focus for companies at the event was AI and the integration of AI into various products.

Luckily, Yahoo Finance Anchor Akiko Fujita was there to cover a myriad of ground-breaking innovation and try out all the top tech that consumers should keep an eye on.

To see more of Yahoo Finance's coverage from CES, click here. For more expert insight and the latest market action, click here to watch this full episode of Yahoo Finance Live.

Editor's note: This article was written by Nicholas Jacobino

Video Transcript


AKIKO FUJITA: Yahoo Finance is on the ground here in Las Vegas at CES 2024. We've had a chance to spend all week walking the floor here. So take a look at some of the most entertaining gadgets. Take a look.

Hello. Nice to meet you.

- Hello. Nice to meet you too.

AKIKO FUJITA: Ready? How's my form. Fourth time, here we go.

- Yeah.


We are in front of the [? Pass ?] XR booth. You see, this guy is inside virtual reality. It allows users to build all the tools to create music in virtual reality. I mean, this guy's got it going. I'm going to give it a shot. All right, here we go.

- All right, here we go. Yeah.

AKIKO FUJITA: OK, now we've got multiple layers of beats going.

We are at the booth for Baracoda. It's a French health tech company that's developed this mirror. It's an interactive mirror that uses artificial intelligence.

- How's your day been so far?

AKIKO FUJITA: My day has not been great.

- Just like a rainy day makes way for sunshine, your mood can improve.

AKIKO FUJITA: I'm at the booth for Doosan Group, where this AI robot is about to make me a cocktail.

- So this is Mixmaster Moodie, our cocktail bartender.

AKIKO FUJITA: Mixmaster Moodie.

- Yeah, it's going to tell you what kind of cocktail you need based upon your mood and facial recognition.

AKIKO FUJITA: I look that way?

- Yep, you're going to look up there.

AKIKO FUJITA: Cheers. It's like pineapple. What else is in it? Do we know?

- ChatGPT secret.

AKIKO FUJITA: ChatGPT secret, I'm told.

I feel like I'm getting judged on my driving skills. I am. Press green?

- Yeah.

AKIKO FUJITA: Oh. Oh my-- oh my god, oh.

Are you horrified, Rich?


AKIKO FUJITA: I'm here with Devon Goldberg. He is a staff engineer at Goodyear. He's going to walk me through this simulation.

DEVON GOLDBERG: We're going to show you a braking distance demo. So we're going to start you off with the ABS tuned to thinking that it's a new tire, but you actually have a worn tire on the road. All right, and brake.

AKIKO FUJITA: Oh my god, did I just hit that deer?

DEVON GOLDBERG: Well, you might have.

- This is the future of the toilet. As you saw, it automatically opens as you walk up to it. It's going to close and flush behind it. The black-on-black version will run the retail around $10,500.



AKIKO FUJITA: So this is just concept, but somebody's got to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, right--

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

AKIKO FUJITA: --to really appreciate these toilets.

- This is the center stone of your bathroom. This is the showpiece.

AKIKO FUJITA: Oh, wow. Look at this. I feel like I'm in first class. It's just what I need right now. I'm ticklish.

Oh my god, 13 more minutes, 19 minutes left. Oh my god, this is really intense.