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#MyStyle: Holiday Party with @kristine_janice

It's holiday season, and we all know what that means: parties, and lots of ’em. Of course, with that fact comes the annual dilemma of what to wear, taking into account both style and occasion — like saving that lace LBD for your friend's weekend get-together and finding a suitable alternative for your weeknight office soiree.

This week, our Instagram influencers across America submitted their #OOTD, Holiday Party edition, with plenty of inspiration — including the top choice from Kristine in Houston, a style blogger and influencer. She's not attending any black-tie parties, so she's keeping it simple yet fun with a unique pairing of a plaid shirt and sequined skirt.

Watch the latest episode of #MyStyle to see how Kristine recommends styling her holiday party outfit. Then tell us which ideas you like best, as well as what occasions you’d like to see our influencers try next. Please comment below!