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'Nashville': Scarlett Finally Finds Out Who Fathered Her Baby

Nashville returned for the summer and with the midseason premiere came the knowledge of who fathered Scarlett's baby. While most fans hoped the father of the baby was on again off again boyfriend Gunnar, but there was an outside chance the baby belonged to Damien.

Spoiler alert, the baby is Damien's! Gunnar was with Scarlett when she found out and he repeatedly told her the results don't matter and that he still loves her. But things are never quite that simple when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Gunnar struggled with the new information. After unloading his worries on Avery, saying "I just don't wanna mess it up again, man. I failed her so many times." His friend offered some advice saying, "Of course, you have and she's failed you. I mean, that's what people do. They fail each other so try again. Fail better."

Gunnar was inspired by Avery's words and ran over to Scarlett's to tell her how he felt. ""You're the best person I've ever known," said Gunnar, "That's why it hurt so much when we opened that envelope -- it still hurts, but I can take it, what I can't take is losing you." The lovers embraced each other and it looks like things may be looking up.