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'Nashville' season finale brings redemption for Juliette and Zach

On the season finale of Nashville things got intense when Zach shut down the studio and froze out all Highway 65 employees. And to add to the drama Deacon finally found out that Juliette stole Maddie’s song, which did not go over well.

Upset about not getting his way, Zach told Deacon, "I don't lose ever. So now you are gonna watch as I hold this label down by the throat until every single one of you comes to me begging for air."

And while all that was going on Deacon finally found out why Maddie and Juliette have been acting so weird around each other. Deacon was so upset that he told Juliette, "When the dust settles, if there's still a label, you are off of it."

Juliette felt so guilty that she contacted "33 1/3" magazine reporter Mackenzie Rhodes and made her an offer. In exchange for calling Zach and threatening to do a story on him about destroying Rayna Jaymes legacy, Juliette would give Mackenzie an exclusive story about stealing Maddie's song.

When Zach confronted Deacon about the press leak, Deacon dropped a truth bomb on the billionaire. Deacon told Zach that he is "loneliest person I've ever met." He told Zach that he is welcome to be part of the Highway 65 family, but that they have to work together.