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'Nashville's Scarlett May Lose Baby After Violent Mugging

After all the romantic drama between Nashville's favorite on-again, off-again couple Scarlett and Gunnar, the hits just kept on coming. A simple trip to the store for milk turned into a life or death altercation.

The couple had just come from shooting a commercial and decided to stop at the store for some milk. On the way back to the car they were confronted by three teenage boys who asked them if they would buy them beer.

When Gunnar refused, one of the boys pulled out a gun and asked for their wallets. While Scarlett was reaching for her purse she dropped the fresh milk carton and it spilled on the gunman's shoes. Enraged, he shoved her into a car and then pistol whipped Gunnar.

The episode ends with the teens running off and the couple cowering in the parking lot. But on the preview for next week's episode it looks like Scarlett's fall may have seriously hurt the baby. We'll just have to tune in next week to see what happens.