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Neera Tanden: Biden has done 'terrific job' unifying party

Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden joins Yahoo Finance's 2020 Democratic National convention coverage to discuss how Joe Biden has drawn support from progressives and moderates within the Democratic Party.

Video Transcript

NEERA TANDEN: Well I think you'll see that those two go hand-in-hand. First of all, Senator Sanders has done a really terrific job over the last several months unifying the party, which you can see in the fact that 95% of Democrats support the Biden ticket-- Biden-Harris ticket. You can also see that 88 and 90% of Sanders voters voting for-- planning to vote for Joe Biden, which is higher than it was four years ago. So I really take my hat off to him.

But I think he will make the case. I would imagine he'll make the case of why these two issues aren't in conflict, why we need to defeat Donald Trump by electing Joe Biden. But also to push on a-- to push a progressive agenda, you first need to make sure Donald Trump is not in the White House.

And on issues like climate, on child care, and other issues, there has been a synergy, and you see Joe Biden leading on those issues, issues that I think he isn't taking Sanders' agenda, but he's definitely been influenced by the agenda.