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Netflix reveals its list of top shows this year

Yahoo Finance's Alexandra Canal weighs in on which shows dominated on Netflix this year and breaks down how the pandemic fueled the 2020 streaming boom.

Video Transcript

AKIKO FUJITA: Well, from royal intrigue to the makings of a chess champion, it has been a banner year for streaming platforms with so many of us watching these shows stuck at home. Allie Canal is here to break down the top streams of the year for this week's Fame and Fortune. And, Allie, what's interesting here is that some of these names we're all familiar with, the new shows, but it's also the strength in some of these older reruns like a "Grey's Anatomy" that could be a little surprising.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: That has been the show that I've chosen in quarantine. I'm currently on season seven, so still a long way to go there, but you're absolutely right. There's no denying that the pandemic has fueled the streaming boom. Netflix saw a pretty significant boost in their subscriber base at the height of the pandemic, and now we're getting some more updates when it comes to the top shows on the Netflix platform this year.

And Reelgood-- it's a streaming-hub platform-- they went and they tracked every single show and series that appeared on that Netflix daily top 10 list. Netflix started releasing that data in February. So according to that company, from February up until early December, the number-one show that appeared the most times on that list was "The Office." It landed on the top 10 178 times. That was followed by the hit children's program "CoCoMelon" with 104. I think that highlights the shift to remote work as a lot of parents were trying to distract their children while they were at work with some quality Netflix content.

Reelgood also did a separate list where they took the rankings into account, and they basically assigned a certain amount of points if a show landed in that number-one spot, less points for number two, even less for number three, and so on. And even in that list, the top two, "CoCoMelon" and "The Office."

So I think this is interesting because although the bulk of these shows are Netflix originals, we're seeing the power of licensed content. And the bad thing for Netflix is that "The Office," their most popular series, is going to be departing the platform on January 1, 2021. It'll head to streaming competitor Peacock. So certainly not good timing there.

But as you mentioned, we still had a ton of great shows in 2020. You mentioned "The Queen's Gambit." I think that's not higher on the list because that debuted in October.

And I also want to give a special shoutout to "The Crown." "The Crown," of course, was a late comer. Season four premiered on November 15. But according to the latest streaming rankings from Nielsen, "The Crown" did incredibly well, hitting a new record when it came to the amount of eyeballs on that series. According to Nielsen, over 3 billion minutes of that show was watched between November 16 and November 22. That's a brand-new record.

Personally, I'm not that surprised because my mother was glued to the television when season four debuted, and 2/3 of that total came specifically from season four followed by season one. So perhaps people were flipping back and forth.

But like you said, great content in 2020. I expect even better things in 2021.

ZACK GUZMAN: Yeah, and Allie, I mean, you mentioned there "Queen's Gambit." I mean, I love that. I can't say enough about it. And Netflix said it did set a record for the most watched scripted series on Netflix. 62 million member households, mine included, tuning in to watch that in the first 28 days.